Poli - Unirea Alba Iulia 6:0 (3:0)

With the last-placed team as visitors, this match didn't look to be a problem for the violets, and, indeed, they delighted the audience with another 6-0 win.

Goga had the first chance in the 4th minute, but wast too kind with the opposing goalkeeper. The game stumbled a bit for 15 minutes, but Goga had another shot, deflected by the keeper, and Kozák's volley hit the ground before plunging into the net, marking the Slovak's first goal for Poli. In the 25th minute, Magera finalized a very good cross from Sepsi, before scoring the double, only 6 minutes later after a corner-kick from Kozák .

In the second half, the players didn't step back, with Mera scoring the fourth goal, after another corner from Kozák. Magera was substituted by Mansour, eager to score a goal in front of the fans, after so much time. First, a poor finish after a good engagement from Kozák. But, not letting his spirit down, after a good pass from Contra, he found Goga inside the box, who put it past Cernea once again. Alba Iulia had their opportunity, but Taborda was right there to do his job. And in the end, Mansour would score the final goal, after a personal run on the left side.

Lots of people to congratulate. First of all Kozák and Magera did an excellent job and were probably the most dangerous people on the field. Sepsi is starting to feel better and better, and this match also meant the debut for Fuchs, who has been promoted from the junior team that won the championship last year. Well done!

It is a good win for morale, but seeing that the top 7 teams are withing 2 points of each other, means that we have to do a great match against Astra. And it's not going to be easy, as lots teams struggled against them, not to mention our elimination from the Cup.

Poli: Taborda (6) - Bonfim (6), Nibombe (6), Mera (6,5), Sepsi (7) - Parks (5,5), Alexa (6), Kozak (7), Mejia (5,5) - Goga (6,5), Magera (7)

Contra (6) for Bonfim (min 45)
Mansour (6,5) for Magera (min 57)
Fuchs (6) for Kozak (min 68)

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