Poli - Vojvodina Novi Sad 1:3 (1:1)

After unconvincing results with not so high-valued teams, Poli leaves Turkey with another defeat. Despite creating numerous opportunities through well-played passes, the players lacked composure at the final moment, with Parks distinguishing himself with his handful of misses. At the other end, Vojvodina was first to score at its first big opportunity, in the 21st minute. Magera scored the equaliser just before half-time, when Bonfim regained a lost ball, and managed to give the decisive pass. Afterwards, the Serbs managed to score on counterattack, while our team played with its chances.

Very appaling results, but that can be understood considering that Sabău tried out many players and different lineups. He also says that this training session was mainly concentrated on the physical fitness as their will not be any time for that in the gruelling 3 months ahead. All in all, he and the players are satisfied with the team's training, but Sabău was upset with the attitude of some of them during the friendlies.

There is nothing more to add. We just have to wait the first few games, starting a week from now, and then we can see where the team is headed.

Go Poli!

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