RC: Astra Ploiesti - Poli 8:7 (2:2, 1:1, 1:1)

The white-violets narrowly lost out yesterday in the Romanian Cup, despite having numerous opportunities to win the match. Astra scored first through Miranda, as Parks equalized in the 20th minute. The Costa Rica forward should've scored when one on one against the Astra goalie, but his finishing was a poor as always. The home side was stronger in the second half, but Poli could have won the game, either through Chiacu, who copied Parks in how to miss a huge opportunity, or through Curtean, who wasn't able to scored from less than ten meters in the 90th minute.

It was hard for Poli in extra-time, as Borbely was sent off toward the end of the second half, and Astra took full advantage by scoring in the 93rd minute. The white-violets had a bit of a miracle up their sleeves, as Chitu and Vrsic were at the right place to take advantage of a ball fumbled by the otherwise impecable Astra goalie, with the Slovenian equalizing. Not much happened until the end of extra-time so the match went to penalties.

Both goalies did well, with Taborda saving two shots and Miron saving three, while one player from each time sent the ball wide. For Poli, Vrsic, Stancu, Magera, Maxim and Luchin scored, while Curtean, Chiacu, Chitu and Mera missed. Had either Chiacu or Chitu scored, then Poli would've won the match. But as things were, it wasn't enough and Astra are through to the next round.

Match highlights here.

Poli: Taborda (5) - Maxim (5), Luchin (5,5), Brezinsky (5,5), Stancu (5) - Chitu (6), Ionescu (5), Borbely (3), Curtean (4) - Magera (5,5), Parks (6)


Vrsici (6) for Ionescu (min 65)
Mera (5,5) for Brezinsky (min 70)
Chiacu (4,5) for Parks (min 75)

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