International Curtea de Arges - Poli 0:3 (0:0)

It took the white-violets forty-five minutes to get going, during which Inter came close to opening the score, but once they did, it was an easy match. The Karamyan brothers were key in today's win, as they were the source of all three goals. Goga scored first, after an Arman cross, Bucur made it two thanks to a cross from Artiom and Artiom crossed into the penalty area before the ball reached Arman, who smashed it into the net. It wasn't a particularly reassuring win, but a highly needed one, which should, hopefully, lead the way toward a better series of results.

Poli: Pantilimon (6,5) - Bonfim (6), Scutaru (5), Nibombe (6), Art. Karamyan (6,5) - Chiacu (6), Vrsic (5,5), Bourceanu (6), Arm. Karamyan (6,5) - Goga (6), Bucur (5,5)


Alexa (6) for Vrsic (min 69)
Parks for Bucur (min 79)
Magera for Goga (min 80)

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