RC: Poli - CFR Cluj 0:3 (0:2)

It was an ugly night for Poli, as the over four thousand fans who flocked to Targu Jiu did little to help the team's cause. Despite a great atmosphere, the white-violets' poor game and some appalling refereeing lead to a sour outcome and violence, as the hatred against the Romanian Football Federation and the frustration of being jerked off all the time mounted into a painful spectacle of anger. Responsibility has to be shared, as the RFF did decide to let Cristi Balaj referee the match, despite loud protests from the Timisoara board, instead of simplying choosing a foreign ref to do the job. The difference in reaction could be seen against Unirea, when Bergonzi destroyed our title chances, but nobody said or did anything because there were no doubts as to the integrity of the man. Sheer ineptitude doesn't really matter.

Otherwise, not much to be said. Poor marking and an undecisive Pantilimon allowed CFR to score first, then Balaj's invented penalty came, then the same Balaj rejected a clearer penalty for Bucur and Poli were pretty clearly out of the running. CFR scored a third after some more lousy marking in the second half, before Vrsic was sent on the pitch and the white-violets started creating some scoring chances. Bucur, Cisovsky, Nibombe and the Karamyan brothers were unable to beat Nuno Claro, and when they finally did, a fan had entered the pitch and the game had to be stopped.

So it's sad and painful and the future is anything but shining brightly on the Northern sky. What can one do but endure?

Poli: Pantilimon (4) - Badoi (4), Cisovsky (6), Nibombe (5), Latovlevici (3) - Stancu (4,5), Alexa (5,5), Borbely (4,5), Art. Karamyan (5) - Bucur (5), Parks (4,5)


Arm. Karamyan (5) for Badoi (min 45)
Vrsic (6) for Borbely (min 58)
Luchin for Nibombe (min 76)

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