Ioan Ovidiu Sabau, the new Poli manager

The former Romanian international signed a two year contract with the club this evening. He is coming off a four season adventure at Gloria Bistrita, with whom he achieved fairly average results, albeit with few resources. All in all though, I'd say it's a reasonable choice, as Sabau is well known for his integrity and discipline and he is young enough to strive relentlessly for the almost exaggerated demands of club president Iancu.

It will be interesting to see whether Poli will be allowed to make any transfers, as there is an impending ban that needs to be lifted after some delayed payments to Ionel Ganea and Universitatea Cluj. If everything works out fine, Otelul's midfielder and Romanian international Alexandru "Gattuso" Bourceanu, as well as Gloria Buzau's playmaker Claudiu Ionescu are poised to join the team in the following days. Also, a number of the players loaned out to Gloria Buzau will most likely return, while the rest are rumored to stay one more year on loan, most likely at Sabau's former team, Gloria Bistrita.

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