FC Brasov - Poli 1:0 (0:0)

Poli's chances of winning the title were hanging by a thread to begin with and when the goal was conceded, in the 88th minute, it really didn't matter any more. The match was poor in general, with only two meagre scoring opportunities from the white-violets, but there is an excuse, in that the Romanian Cup final from Saturday was worth sacrificing this match.

Not much to say, as mentioned before, the title was lost against Urziceni, and now we are the biggest fools of all. There's still a vague chance that the six points will come our way, in which case we will finish second and head for the qualies in the Champions League. We'll see tomorrow.

Poli: Pantilimon (6) - Bădoi (5,5), Luchin (6,5), Cisovsky (5,5), Latovlevici (4,5) - Stancu (5,5), Arm. Karamyan (5,5), Scutaru (5,5), Borbely (6), Art. Karamyan (5,5) - Curtean (5)


Vrsici (6) for Scutaru (min 52)
Bucur (5,5) for Art. Karamyan (min 64)
Parks for Arm. Karamyan (min 81)

Goal Hadnagy (min 88):

Ilyes chance (min 52):

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