Poli - Steaua 1:0 (1:0)

The white-violets outdid themselves today in terms of risky play, by scoring in the first half and then defending for 45 minutes in a row. I don't think the team managed to pass the half-way line more than ten times in the second half and our only shot on goal came in the 90th minute. But it was enough, as Steaua were as impotent as ever, wasting numerous corner-kicks and free-kicks, despite a glimmer of determination from their side.
The match was decided by an inspirational goal by Parks, who dribbled past two defenders before his shot caught a deflection to go past Zapata in the 32nd minute. And it was enough for today.

Poli: Pantilimon (6) - Badoi (5), Nibombe (6), Cisovsky (6,5), Latovlevici (5,5) - Stancu (5,5), Borbely (5), Alexa (6), Art. Karamyan (5,5) - Bucur (5,5), Parks (6,5)


Abiodun (5,5) pentru Badoi (min 66).
Magera (5,5) pentru Parks (min 71).
Scutaru pentru Borbely (min 90+2).

Parks goal(min 32):

Golanski shot (min 19):

Borbely shot (min 20):

Abiodun miss(min 90):

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