RC: Poli - Dinamo 4:1 (1:0)

We had to wait twelve years for this win, but it's here now. A match like this, with such a background to it in general, is always special, no matter how much the Romanian Football Federation try to suck the life out of it. Yesterday, it was through their decision not to allow fans to be in the stadium, as a "punishment" for Dinamo - despite the fact that the match was played on neutral ground and any such punishment was to be applied at the first match on home soil for the Bucharest team. At least that's what the rules said, but it's not like rules matter to these guys, the puppet masters of Romanian football.

Poli played perfectly yesterday, thanks to both Balint's tactical outlook and the player's determination and inspiration. The white-violets defended very well and took their first chance to make it into a goal, in the 27th minute, as Bucur beat the offside trap, dribbled past an opponent, hit the post, and the ball rebounded to Magera who finished coolly - and he could've added another one to his tally, but missed the shot a few minutes later. Dinamo just went on pushing, but they didn't really create any good scoring chances, although Cristea came pretty close on a few occasions.
The second half was a joy to behold. Poli had clearly learned its lesson well and in the 61st minute, Maxim did well on the left wing, crossed poorly, the ball rebounded to Latovlevici who sent another cross in and Abiodun was just at the right place to smash it beyond the goalkeeper! Dinamo managed to pull one back in the 71st minute, with a bit of luck, as Cristea's shot tricked Pantilimon, but the "tension" only lasted a few minutes - Parks did what he wanted with the Dinamo defense and then passed perfectly to Bucur, who had not problem finishing! Izovranu saw a red card in the 84th minute, before Maxim's free-kick was headed into goal by Nibombe, to seal the match at a more than impressive 4-1!

It really was one of those days when football seems to turn everything around. The white-violets are now on course for both the league title and the Romanian Cup, hopefully not too much given how many matches are left to be played and the precarious physical condition of some of our players. But today is really a day to be framed, just one of those perfect days.

Poli: Pantilimon (6) - Stancu (6,5), Luchin (6,5), Nibombe (6,5), Latovlevici (6,5) - Abiodun (6,5), Borbely (6), Cisovsky (6,5), Curtean (6) - Bucur (7), Magera (6,5)

Maxim (6,5), Parks (6,5) and Scutaru came on for Magera, Curtean and Bucur.

Goal Magera (min 27):

Goal Abiodun (min 61):

Goal Cristea (min 72):

Goal Bucur (min 79):

Goal Nibombe (min 86):

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poze poli dinamo said...

We kicked ass.:)
have a look at some pictures from poli dinamo in unirii square in timisoara. it was madness.:)