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FIFA has fallen into the corruption pitfall dominating the Romanian football.
An entire city is struggling for justice!

The supporters of Politehnica Timisoara (and the Romanians in general) are fed up with football corruption. A multi-language website reveals the injustice whose victims they are. The Romanian Football Federation (RFF) is an accomplice to this injustice? FIFA has been misled by fraudulent documents!

It all happens in Timisora, Romania, and it is concerning the club Politehnica Timisoara (currently playing under the name of FC Timisoara), a club with a long tradition in the Romanian football.

An Italian businessman, for a very short time the owner of this club, abandoned the team at the end of 2001 but waited for the club to reach a certain level of success (even playing in the UEFA cup), only to claim alleged rights over the club's name, record and colors. This was possible only after he was assured by the complicity of some of the RFF (Romanian Football Federation) members. Based on the fraudulent documents obtained from RFF (proven facts!) and their tacit consent he received from CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) a favourable decision that forced Politehnica Timisoara to change its name and colors.

RFF is unwilling to defend the club, because this would mean recognizing this fraud, that was made possible with the complicity of certain members with leading positions in the Romanian football. Turning back on a wrong decision would mean admitting their own mistakes, and that would affect their credibility.

Furthermore, FIFA has sanctioned the club with a 6 points penalty for delaying the implementation of the CAS decision, denying the club's top-ranking position (earned on the pitch) in Romanian football league.

An entire city, region and its inhabitants are in a state of shock. This affair has even been the subject of questions and debate in the Romanian Parliament. More than 10 000 people peacefuly marched on the streets of Timisoara.

It is for the first time in football history when a football club has its identity stollen and it is not allowed to use its own colors: white-purple. All these things happen in Romania and FIFA/RFF keep their eyes closed! See the appeal for justice of an entire region (and the evidence of injustice) on: http://www.justiceforpoli.com

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