Uhrin sacked

Mr. Marian Iancu, who thinks the world of himself and the conspiracies he faces, decided to sack Dusan Uhrin Jr. yesterday, after the Poli manager had been seen during the Steaua - Unirea Urziceni match sitting with Ioan and Victor Becali, two of the more renowned and dodgy Romanian player agents. Fact is though, Mr. Uhrin had nothing to hide to begin with, which is why his presence at the match was announced a day before and Mr. Iancu is going broke and waiting for money from the local and city councils to keep the team afloat.

The fans are, mostly, on Mr. Uhrin's side, but it is beyond us to decide what the future holds. The next few days should make things clearer, but what has become obvious is that Politehnica has no real future with Marian Iancu.

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