Poli - Dinamo 0:3 (0:1)

It seems that when things go bad at Poli they go bad all the way. Today the white-violets literally beat themselves, as Brezinsky and Cisovsky scored own goals, and Dinamo managed to convert almost all their important chances, while the shots of Bucur and Karamyan just didn't seem to want to find the right side of the post. It's really a pain, because any match can be lost on a bad day, but somehow the bad days keep coming every time we play Dinamo. However, it's clear that the Poli squad isn't the strongest one ever and there are some gaps in the first eleven which could very well be filled by more able players. Except for Artiom Karamyan and Costel Pantilimon, all players were disappointing today, with Brezinsky and Milhazes taking the "prize" of most disappointing - the two were each at fault at two of the three goals.

Perhaps it is about time that Dusan Uhrin Jr. tried out some other players both in midfield, as well as in defense, with Luchin, Latovlevici, Sanchez, Bonfim and Sretenovic eagerly anticipating their chances. The cup match against Dunarea Galati, this Tuesday, should be a good opportunity for this kind of experiment.

Poli: Pantilimon (6) - Bădoi (5), Brezinsky (3,5), Cisovsky (4,5), Milhazes (3,5) - Stancu (5), Borbely (4,5), Alexa (5), Art. Karamyan (6) - Bucur (5), Magera (5)

Au intrat Parks (5,5), Goga (5,5) și Arm. Karamyan, înlocuindu-i pe Borbely, Stancu și Magera.

Brezinsky own goal (min 11):

Dănciulescu goal (min 52):

Cisovsky own goal (min 67):


Bucur miss (min 16):

Karamyan miss (min 26):

Ratare Miranda (min 30):

Șut Torje (min 42):

Bucur miss (min 59):

Ad. Cristea shot (min 63):

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