The Good, The Bad and The Bloody Bad

The first win might have been in sight in the friendly against Zaporoje after Abiodun's 16th minute goal, but many missed scoring opportunities and a second half turn-around with a last minute goal by the day's opponents meant the white-violets were to lose the second match of the Austrian prep camp.

However, the game against Dunfermline proved an ideal opportunity to dump all the frustrations accumulated up to now and Gigel Bucur made sure to do that, scoring a hat-trick in the first half. Artavazd Karamyan added a fourth in the second half, while the Scottish team managed to score in the 85th minute.

On a much sadder note, Dare Vrsic's surgery has proven to be "faulty" and the Slovenian will have to bear another surgery, which will once again put him out of action for about half a year. A really dismaying piece of news - bloody incompetent doctors.

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