Interview with Artiom Karamyan

Amidst the rumors of Karamyan leaving to Steaua, an interview published today on gsp.ro sheds more light on the player's plans for the future.

"To be the greatest" - conducted by Dana Surulescu

R: Artiom, are you satisfied with your performance this season?

A: On the whole yes, but I think I did better in the first fifteen matches and the team won more matches. In the second half of the season, I was less consistent, but anyway, it was a good season. It was important for us to ensure participation in the UEFA Cup and we've achieved that. We did have problems though with smaller teams, we've lost against Dacia Mioveni and Universitatea Craiova. That's football. We're trying to change things so that next year they won't happen again.

R: Do you have any regrets?

A: Honestly, I wish I'd have scored another 2-3 goals, but it's not problem, my brother managed to. I think both the manager and the board have seen that getting Arman wasn't pointless. He is not a substitute player. Next year, if we still play together, we'll help the team even more.

R: Does this mean you'll be staying at Poli?

A: I don't know, there's still enough time, I don't want to talk about this now. I've spoken with Mr. Iancu, but we have to wait a while longer, to think it all through. I have offers from other first league clubs, but also from Germany and Italy. I'm currently Poli's player, I'm pleased with that, but I believe that any player who receives a good offer from a solid team, whether from here or abroad, must think about what's good for him, because a footballer's career is short.

R: But still, you have a good contract at Poli...

A: If only money had mattered, then I could've gone to Dinamo, or anywhere else. I wanted to play football, to show what I'm capable of. All I do, I do with passion and determination ("with my soul"). I want to play abroad, at a good team, because I'm not Romanian, I'm Armenian and I want to be the first Armenian to join a major club. I work a lot for this and that's why I need some time to think about things.

R: Is Steaua tempting, because you'd play in the Champions League?

A: I don't want to talk about Steaua. I can go to Germany or Italy and maybe there I don't even play in the UEFA Cup.

R: Are you ready for the UEFA Cup?

A: I think we are. We only have two legs before entering the group stage. We'll do our best to get there. I've already played in the UEFA Cup, but I can't explain the feeling. You have to be there in order to feel what it's like. I'd prefer an easier opponent, so that passing this round won't be too difficult.

R: Are the final league standings correct?

A: Cluj deserved the title, because they fought until the end. I'm not saying others didn't deserve it. But Cluj had an eleven point advantage. I especially want to congratulate Tony, whom I've befriended during our matches. He's a good player and a good teammate. He's a man of character and on the pitch he only speaks nicely, from the heart, unlike other players.

The article further notes that Lazio might be interested in Artiom's services, although I personally don't know whether it's worth believe such a news item before it's confirmed. They would apparently be willing to pay the 2,5 million Euro release clause for the Armenian International.

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