A new Vrsic Interview

Today's issue of GSP published an interview with Dare Vrsic, in an article by Claudiu Georgiu, translated and adapted by myself.

R: Dare, how's your recovery going?

DV: Good, but it'll be another two or three weeks before I can start training. I'll only join the team on the 15th of February.

R: What do you think about the squad's progress in the league?

DV: Poli did well this season. I'm sure that at the end of the season we'll be on a place that ensures European participation. I say we can even finish third.

R: What do you know about the players bought this winter? The two Slovakians, Brezinsky and Borbely, say that they knew you from Zilina.

DV: I don't know Brezinsky and I've only seen Borbely on TV. I really don't remember having played against either one.

R: What can you tell us about Nemanja Matic (tn a possible Poli transfer)?

DV: I know Matic very well. I've played a few matches against Kosice. He is a very good player, and he actually had a great season last year. Despite his height (tn 1.94 m), he has good technique and an excellent vision of the game. He is young though, just 19, so he still needs to gather experience, but if he joined our club I'm sure he would make great progress. He has great potential.

R: What do you expect of the new year?

DV: To have a good season at Poli, finish on the podium. The qualifications for the World Cup start this year as well, so I hope to leave a good impression with the Slovenian national team. On a personal level, I hope to recover as soon as possible, practice well and avoid any other injuries,

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