Friendly Report: Poli - Poli Iasi 2:0 (0:0)

After a more or less unconvincing performance by the white-violets, Rusic and Karamyan scored in the last two minutes of the game to make the all around experience seem more repsectable. The team however missed several other scoring opportunities throughout the match (especially the first half), Alexa topping the performance by failing to score from the penalty spot in the 60th minute.

Today's team:
Zimmermann - Stancu, Canu, Brezinsky, Lapeikis - Artiom Karamyan, Alexa, Aliuta, Badoi - Ganea, Bucur.

During the second half Pantilimon, Borbely, Rusic, Luchin, Axente and Abiodun were sent on for Zimmermann, Aliuta, Bucur, Canu, Ganea si Badoi

P.S. Lapeikis didn't manage to convince Uhrin Jr. of his qualities and was let go.

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