Friendly Report: Poli - Onisilos 6:0 (3:0)

A clear victory against second league Onisilos, from Cyprus, may not count as a great achievement, but it leaves room for hope - especially after another tumultuous week, during which the press transferred Poli players to Dinamo, back and forth.

Poli's first eleven consisted of: Popa – Badoi, Canu, Scutaru, Latovlevici – S. Stancu, Srhoj, Abiodun, Artiom Karamyan – Ganea, Axente.

Karamyan scored first (7th minute), after a pass from Ganea, who in turn scored twice (22nd and 31st minutes), once thanks to Badoi's assist and once thanks to Karamyan's. Poli had more chances, but in the end three goals is a decent tally for forty-five minutes' work.

Due to the many substitutions made during the second half, Poli's "end eleven" consisted of: Zimmermann - Milhazes, Ratiu, Canu, Luchin - Sandu, Martinez, Borbely, Popovici - Rusic, Axente.

Although Onisilos missed a penalty around the 60th minute, it was Poli who continued to set out the rules of the game and score three more times in the last fifteen minutes: 19-year-old Popovici scored for 4:0, after a combination between Martinez, Axente and himself; Axente then made it five from within the penalty area; and to round it all off, Martinez dribbled past three players and finished by lobbing the goalkeeper!

Hopefully this good performance will be confirmed by a decent result against a better rated opponent. The season restart draws nearer (23 of February), which means that things have to start moving according to plan pretty soon!

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