Poli - Ceahlaul 3:2 (0:0)

A tough game, once again, for all Poli fans around. Luckily enough, Bucur's speed, composure and finishing, as well as the good form of Artavazd Karamyan and Gabriel Canu, managed to save the day and lift Poli up to the third place in the standings!

The match started badly for us, as the players seemed unfocused and Ceahlaul took advantage of that. Their first major scoring chance was a huge one, when Golban ended up alone against Popa, but missed the target! After about 20 minutes of play, Poli started getting back in the game, but the only real scoring opportunity came around the 40th minute, when Karamyan's free-kick hit the post. It was obvious that things would have to change in the second half if Poli were to win tonight.
And in a way they did. The team talk seemed to have done some good, as the white-violets started the latter 45 minutes of the game with more determination. After putting constant pressure on the opposition's defence for ten minutes, it was Bucur who got free of the last defenders, dribbled past the goalie and scored an excellent goal! Unfortunately, the joy was to last only a few minutes, as former Steaua player Narcis Raducan was found free in the penalty box a whole sixty seconds later, tricked Popa, and finished off easily. It took Poli a while to take the lead again and before they did, Artavazd Karamyan managed to miss a gigantic chance after some nifty passing on the right flank. It was his cross though that proved decisive, as it found Canu in the penalty area, who headered the ball into the net to make it 2:1! Just a few minutes later, Bucur "deja vu-ed" the crowd, as he received an excellent pass from Mansour and marched anew alone against Multescu, finishing with ease and confidence. Ceahlaul got one beg in the last minute of play after a well taken free-kick, but it was not enough for them to pick up any points from Timisoara.

Of the good old foreign players, Artavazd Karamyan and Abiodun did really well, while Rusic added yet another disappointing performance to his resumee. Mansour, Karamyan and Srhoj came on late into the game but achieved little - except for Mansi's good pass for Bucur's third goal.

Poli: Popa (5) - Dancia (5,5), Canu (6,5), Ratiu (5,5), Stancu (5,5) - Art. Karamyan (6,5), Alexa (6), Abiodun (6,5), Torje (6) - Bucur (7), Rusic (5) with Arm. Karamyan (5,5), Mansour (6) and Srhoj coming on during the game.

Poli is now third in the league table, but it'll take better performances in the next few matches to keep us there. Farul and Poli Iasi away, and CFR Cluj at home (in this order) will be the final three matches to be played this year.

Videos of the goals can be found here.

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