Gloria Buzau - Poli 2:1 (2:1)

There's really little to say. Bad match, even worse than the one against Craiova, and thanks to Bucur's two majestic misses, the end result presents itself as it is.

Gloria were 2-0 up after fifteen minutes, mainly because of the lousy, lousy defense Poli had on the pitch today (funny, it was the same defense that managed not to concede against Steaua). Just one minute after Gloria's second goal, Artavazd Karamyan snatched one back, after converting a Rusic cross. But sadly, that was about it, and although the home side did little more than defend for the rest of the match, the white-violets seemed completely out of gear and scraped little together.

Except for Karamyan and Alexa, all the other players performed somewhere between "bad" and "terrible". Obviously, that wasn't enough to earn Poli any points today. Sadly, it seems that there are no alternatives available to Mr. Uhrin at this point, so our only hope is that the team keeps rolling as before until the winter break, when reinforcements are due to arrive.

Poli: Popa (5,5) - Dancia (5), McKain (5,5), Canu (5), Radoi (4,5) - Karamyan (6,5), Alexa (6), Aliuta (5), Abiodun (5) - Bucur (4,5), Rusic (5,5) with Torje (5), Stancu (5) and Mansour coming on for Aliuta, Abiodun and Karamyan.

For match highlights go here.

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