Poli - Otelul 4:1 (2:1)

I'm not sure if I've ever come across a match that can boast so many defensive mistakes as the one from this evening, and especially at this level! Unfortunately I could not watch the game, thanks to the oh-so-friendly people at ligaonline.ro, who decided they won't show it. So here's what happened as far as it is detailed on other websites.

Poli played quite poorly in the first half and the white-violets didn't manage one shot on goal in thirty minutes - only the near misses of McKain and Rusic are worthy of any mention. Then, in tune with the way in which the match was being played, Otelul scored, thanks to an Ilie cross and a Stan finish. It looked as if Poli would have a tough job in coming back this time. However, just a few minutes later, an amazing own-goal changed the state of things: Sergiu Costin sent a long, high pass back to the goalie (Valentin Bors) from past the half-way line and the oh-so brilliant Bors decided to try and stop the ball on his knee, which he did not quite manage and as such, it was 1-1. As if this wasn't bad enough, in the 40th minute Bors did it again: he picked up a ball sent back by one of his own players. The consequent indirect free-kick taken by Karamyan was converted by McKain, who easily headed it into goal.
Otelul changed the goalkeeper at half-time, but the Lithuanian Grybauskas was not much better than his team-mate. Poli profited off the deflated morale of their opponents and scored again in the 60th minute, when Karamyan put a good finish to Abiodun's excellent through pass. Ten minutes later, thanks to Grybauskas' placement error, the same ever-present Karamyan hit a corner kick which curled high and over the goalie, ending up in the net, thereby making it 4-1. The last twenty minutes could have only turned matters worse for the away side, but Torje, Rusic, Stancu and Srhoj were imprecise in their finishing and spared whatever was left of Otelul's dignity.

No ratings from me today, but I'll put them on once I've seen the match. Obviously, Karamyan had a brilliant day, while both McKain and Abiodun played well too. Rusic was more of a danger in the first half and he'll probably be sad not to have scored against a defense as bad as this one.

Poli are at the top of the league until tomorrow's match between Unirea Urziceni and CFR Cluj, so we might as well enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts. The squad's true test of character will take place in the weeks to come, when Poli will play both Dinamo and Steaua.

You can watch the goals at ProSport, as usual. The amazing own goal can be found at GSP, but unfortunately it seems to have surprised even the camera crew.

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