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I took some time to translate yesterday's interview of Dare Vrsic from ProSport (national sports newspaper). It's an approximate translation at times, but the underlying thoughts reach the surface.

“I am dissatisfied with my game”

Used to a system with prolonged possession and positional attack, the Slovenian acknowledges he has yet to adapt to the fast paced style of play wanted by Dusan Uhrin Jr.

Having caught a first eleven spot after Plesan’s departure, Vrsic says that Poli will fight for all objectives as long as they are achievable, being up to now rather unimpressed by the Bucharest teams.

Q: Does the quality of your performances at Timisoara satisfy you?

DV: I’ll be frank, I’m not totally pleased with my game, I still have to adapt to this style of play. I’d rather the team played a bit more compactly, a game of possession. That would suit me more, then I’d be able to put my ability to better use.

Q: What makes you feel unease at the current system?

DV: Sometimes long balls are being overplayed, which does not fare well with my style, but I have to work and do my job. And the more we play the better we play, a more cohesive play, and I’m sure it’s only going to get better.

Q: Does the performance of Dejan Rusic surprise you?

DV: Rusic mainly needed luck, and he’s had his share of that. The most important thing is that it all turned out well and we won against Vaslui. I wish him all the best, to score as many “doubles” as possible, the same way he did in the last match.

Q: It’s positive for you that you’re being called up to the Slovenian National team, but how does that affect you physically?

DV: It’s very hard to play ninety minutes for the National side, then ninety minutes for the club, and you’ve also got the long trips you have to undertake, it’s pretty difficult for a young player to get used to that rhythm.

Q: What are the team’s ambitions for the away game at Mioveni?

DV: Our manager told us that nobody should be underestimated and we’re going into Saturday’s game thinking that. I’ve seen them a couple of times on TV and I think we shouldn’t have any problem winning if we don’t underestimate the opposition and give our best on the pitch.

Q: What did you think of Steaua – Rapid (ed.n: last Sunday’s big Bucharest derby) and the Bucharest teams?

DV: I’ve seen the match and it was as I expected it to be: a game with few goals and the end result of 0-0 confirmed my thoughts. As far as I can tell, the Bucharest teams play quality football, as does CFR Cluj. We – Poli – have to play at the same level as they do. We have to get better and ultimately end up before them in the league.

Q: Can you play for the title?

DV: Of course we can play for the title. We’ll fight to the end as long as we have the possibility to fulfil the objective.

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