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After I translated Dare Vrsic's interview last week, I got my hands today on an interview with Rusic, from violamania.ro. Here is what our striker has to say about Vrsic, himself and recent events.

He loves goals

Rusic’s secret? “I feel a mad passion for scoring”

The Slovenian Dejan Rusic (24 years old) was brought to Timisoara as an emergency option after Ganea’s suspension. Bought by Poli on the last day of transfer season, from Celje, Rusic showed his class immediately. He made an assist against UTA, despite playing only five minutes, then he scored two goals in the Championship against Vaslui and one in the Romanian Cup against Prefab Modelu (3-0).

Q: Dejan, it seems at first glance that you didn’t have many problems against Modelu.

DR: It was a difficult match, especially in the first half, but I am happy that we won. I am especially happy because I wanted to dedicate this success to Dare Vrsic, one of my best friends, who is going through some rough moments now. I hope he’ll recover soon as he is a quality player and the team needs him.

Q: Have you spoken with him?

DR: Yes, just five minutes ago I called him and he was miserable, although his girlfriend came to see him at the hospital (laughs). It’s his birthday too, hopefully he can forget some of his worries. I understood that he will stay until Monday in the hospital and according to the first signs of recovery, he might get his share of good news and he should be capable to restart training in a month.

Q: Now on to you. What’s the secret of your success?

DR: (laughs) There is no secret. I simply feel a mad passion for scoring goals. I think I manage to get along well with my team mates because we also have a special relationship off the pitch. I’ve befriended almost everyone. It’s been a quick adaptation.

Q: Was it as easy for you to score in Slovenia?
DR: Not at all! It was much harder scoring there! You don’t have any playmakers there in the midfield. Here it’s different, you get passes far easier. Still, I managed to score 8 goals in 15 matches in Slovenia last year. Pretty good.

Q: How do you relax after a match?

DR: I don’t have one specific method which I use every time. I either lie in bed and watch a film, or I read newspapers from Slovenia off the internet. I admit I also like playing on the computer. Especially strategy games, I wish I could play them non-stop. Sometimes I freak out when I realize I’ve been playing for 4 or 5 hours.

Q: Does your family follow your matches?

DR: Yes. Both my family and the Slovenian press closely follow my performances. My father was upset that he couldn’t watch me live, but I think he’ll be here for the match against Bistrita, together with my mother. To be frank, I won’t get nervous, because I’ve played with them in the crowd before.

Q: Any sign from the Slovenian national squad?

DR: No. I was just called once by someone from their staff because Vrsic wasn’t answering his phone. I told them he broke his leg and they seemed quite taken aback. I’ll await my chance and if my performances are good enough, they’re bound to call me up.

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