Ganea Ban: 22 Matches

Justice has claimed its toll, hurray! Let us all rejoice, for we live in a world of fairness and morality, where everyone gets his just punishment. While I agree with the decision of the committee, I can only hope that when players from Bucharest teams assault other players or referees in the future, the law will be applied with the same level of conviction and determination. The leniency shown by the same committee to players contracted by Steaua, Dinamo or Rapid is and has consistently been the only reason why Ganea should have received a milder punishment that that imposed by the sporting laws of this country.

On another note, Slovenian striker Dejan Rusic from Publikum Celje is close to singing a five year deal with Poli. The 24 year old was brought in to replace Ganea and while his past achievements do not recommend him as a fantastic addition to the squad (16 goals in 52 matches for Publikum), he might just be the strong striker we need in attack, next to Bucur. Also it is rumored that a midfielder from Artmedia Bratislava might join the squad in the immediate future, but this transfer has not be confirmed.

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