In a Nutshell: Vojvodina - Poli 1:1 (0:0)

Yesterday's friendly against Vojvodina proved to be the perfect opportunity for any serious fan with time on his hands to see "the new Poli" in action. Unfortunately though, there was not a lot to be seen. Beside the goal scored by Bucur at the beginning of the second half, Poli's dominance of the first, and the lack of real scoring chances all around, there's little to report in terms of football.

In the context of heavy duty training which preceded the match, it is understandable that the team did not play at its full potential. However, some things are still of reasonable concern. Firstly, there are at least three postions which are susceptible to improvements: defender left, defender centre and striker. Perhaps the most urgent of them is the defender left post, which - to my mind - is currently way sub-par to our expectations (newly signed Dancia does not seem up to the task). Also, another central defender and a striker would be necessary to ensure good cover of most positions in case of an injury crisis.

Of the current squad, some players seem out of place. Izvoranu just keeps confirming that he is incapable in whatever position he may play (the equalizer followed after his error), while Mansour can't seem to learn anything (else) about the beautiful game of football. I will refrain from making any (negative) comments about the other new signings, and will only say that Ganea and Stancu were two pleasing additions.

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