Mansour - out again!

It's been a terrible year for our striker Gueye Mansour, who once again has to hang up his boots for 6 months. Before the start of last season, he was injured after a contact with another player in a friendly match. Ligament rupture at his right knee, surgery, and 6 months off the pitch. He made an uneasy comeback in spring, but was injured again, and had undergone surgery at the same knee, somewhere in May, which left him out for another 2 months - the rest of the season basically.

This season started reasonably well for Mansour, being one of the decisive players in the second leg against MyPa, when he came in in the second half. He was supposed to be in the first team in the wonderful match against CFR Cluj, but a muscle strain left him uncertain for about a month. His comeback was made in last week's cup match. It started perfectly for him, scoring the first goal. However, just before half time, his knee - the other one this time - snapped. Ligament rupture again, and he will only be able to rejoin the team next year, in spring.

It was devastating for our young striker, who came out in tears, and was willing to give it all way were it not for the fans who showed great support, and his teammates who before the beginning of the last match wore white t-shirts with the inscription "Be strong, Mansi!"

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