Friendly: Poli - SV Kapfenberg 6:1 (2:1)

And we have the first friendly of the leg, against SV Kapfenberg's juniors. Poli sent two different teams in each half. In the first 45 minutes, despite Bucur and Parks being on the pitch, Goga was the man with the goals, in the 5th and 25th minutes. A mistake from Luchin allowed Michael Tieber to score in the last minute of the half, after he had two more chances before that.

The first goal of the second part came in the 67th minute, surprisingly from central defender Mera, who after a 1-2 with Magera, lobbed the Austrian goalkeeper. A great many opportunities were missed by Poli, including a couple big ones from Vázquez. But fortune would shine on Mansour, whose day was at a complete opposite from the first friendly 6 months ago. He came in in the 68th minute to score twice, in the 75th and 84th minutes. Certainly a good debut for his morale. The game ended with a penalty obtained by Chiacu and transformed by Arman Karamyan.

A bit of video footage from the match can be found here.

Following are the two lineups in each half. The only thing to note is that it seems that Artiom Karamyan played defender. It can be understandable by the fact that Sepsi is not fully available, but still, why insist on him?

Poli (1st half): Taborda - Bonfim, Luchin, Nibombe, Maxim - Curtean, Alexa, Cl. Ionescu, Goga - Parks, Bucur

Poli (2nd half): Pantilimon - Tiago, Mera, Brezinský, Artiom Karamyan - Chiacu, Scutaru, Bourceanu ('68, Mansour), Arman Karamyan - Magera, Vázquez

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