Beginning of the year news

Among some useless babbling and as yet unconfirmed rumours, there are also some important things that have already happened for Poli.

The first one, left defender László Sepsi has been transfered from Benfica for €1.2 million, and has signed a contract with Poli for a period of 5 years. More about him in the next post.

Poli's numerous squad will be much lighter at the restart of the season. As announced last year, some players have been let go. Borbely and Rusic have ended their contract agreement. Stancu is free to go for an offer of €200 000. Chițu and Latovlevici will be lent to Gloria Bistrița until the end of the season. The same goes for Vršič, who will play somewhere in his home country, Slovenia, most probably for FC Koper. Brezinsky is said to play once again under Uhrin's command at AEL Limassol.

UPDATE: Dusan Uhrin declared that Borbely is the one he wants for Limassol. He would like Brezinsky, too, but the club only allows him to do one transfer, and he opted for Borbely.

I would regret Brezinsky's departure, as he seemed a good central defender, certainly comparable to Luchin or Nibombe, but probably his injuries have set him back much. And as we really suffered in this compartment last year, I think it is an unfortunate loss. As for the three departures, they were, perhaps, overdue, so nothing to comment there. Hopefully the loaned players will take Bonfim's example and come back in a better form, especially Vršič and Chițu. The former seemed like a good talent, but his agonizing time away from the pitch might have been a too big a hit for him. Chițu is young and needs to play and gain experience, and probably he might make the team next season. Latovlevici, I don't think can improve himself, he's had way too many opportunities to do it and didn't. But he was raised by the club, so I guess it's ok to keep him and improve him as much as possible, in hope of a good transfer.

The rumuours include a possible loan for Contra for 6 months from Getafe and a departure for Gigel Bucur to Dan Petrescu's new club, Kuban Krasnodar. More on this when and if they happen.

Finally, we wish you a happy new year, and wish you to be healthy and able to fullfil your onsets. Also, we hope that 2010 will bring what we all wish for - the championship title for Poli, and that we will celebrate it together.

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