No Spain, no gain

The white-violets have been preparing for the season restart in Spain starting this week. While Sretenovic is poised to leave the club with youngster Scutaru coming in to replace him, there are few other transfer news items worth mentioning.

The first two friendlies were played against Cracovia Krakow (2:1) and IFK Goteberg (0:2). Arman Karamyan and Sretenovic scored in the first match, while two defensive blunders and a tirade of missed chances lead to the second loss in the "Balint era". Sparta Prague (10th of February) and Spartak Moscow (13th of February) are the other two opponents Poli will meet while in Spain.

And just in case any fan of IFK is reading this, Amuneke is definitely not our star player. Good one, though.

You can watch the IFK match highlights here.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Amunike played for CSKA Sofia last year and I can say that he is very weak player who will not match the ambitions of Poli.

FcPoliFan said...

Well, I wasn't very excited by his transfer, but whatever rocks iancu's boat.