Sunny Timisoara

It's been another exquisite evening among Poli fans, as almost ten thousand fans gathered once more to support Poli. The meeting was very similar to the one on Sunday, in the same spirit of civilized protests. As the chants echoed in the streets around the city center and Ovidiu Tender was announced as the main contender for Politehnica's ownership, the only question remaining is whether any of this will reach the tall Bucharest offices, where the perpetrators against Romanian football reside.

Frankly speaking, I don't see it happening, especially because Timisoara is so far away. It would be great if all the messages of support would turn into street protests, in the same civilized manner as those from Timisoara, for nobody could ignore such pressures, but it's wild to believe this will ever happen. That's how well our dungeon keepers have isolated themselves.

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