Interview with Arman Karamyan

Here is an interview with Arman Karamyan, published today by ProSport.

"To Play More Often"

R: You scored in the friendly against Banat...

AK: It's important that the team won. Friendlies are also important for us and I'm glad I scored. If we play like this against Chealaul, we'll surely win. It doesn't matter that I played there, my team now is Poli.

R: Are you going to "steal" Artiom's place?

AK: Artiom plays better than me in that position (left midfielder), but that's where the manager told me to play, so I played there. If he asks me to play as a forward or in defense, that's where I'll play, no problem.

R: Do you think you'll play against Ceahlaul, after your good performance in the friendly?

AK: I hope so. There are still five days left to the match, and if the manager gives me a shot, I'll do my best. I'd really want us to win all the remaining five matches, to stay in the top three. I want to win the title with Poli.

R: Do you still know anyone from Ceahlaul?

AK: Yes, the physio from there is a good friend, I was with him at Brasov as well. Some players too, like Forminte. That's the way it should be, I spent a year there, you can't forget something like that so quickly.

R: A comparions between Poli and Ceahlaul?

AK: Normally, Poli should be much better than Ceahlaul, but anything can happen on the pitch. We may be better, but if we play badly, we can lose the match.

R: You weren't called up to the National squad this time...

AK: I've spoken with the manager, he told me that if I play here, they'll ask me to come, because I already have 40 caps for Armenia. They'd want me to come too, but if I don't play, they won't call me, and it's normal to be that way.

R: Vali Silaghi

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