U Cluj - Poli 1:2 (1:1)

It wasn't an easy win - few wins are ever easy - but it was a deserved win against Universitatea Cluj. The goals were scored by Sorin Radoi and Gigel Bucur - first, after a Karamyan corner, and second after a Radoi cross. You can check them out here.

I can't say much more about the match, seeing how I only managed to get quick glimpses at it. I'll post some ratings later on, but I don't know when exactly. As far as I can tell, Rusic didn't have a great day, McKain played well, Abiodun came on for Torje but did little in the time he was on the pitch, Srhoj came on in the last few minutes and Artavazd Karamyan was in good shape throughout the match.

It's certain though that this was in invaluable win, as it kept us close to the top of the league. Poli's game is still sketchy at times and the defense continues to cause everyone involved headaches, but as long as the results keep coming, it isn't all that tragic.

Here are the promised ratings:

Popa (6,5) - Dancia (6), McKain (6), Canu (4,5), Radoi (7) - Karamyan (6), Alexa (6,5) , Aliuta (6), Torje (5,5) - Rusic (5), Bucur (6) with Mansour (5), Abiodun (5,5) and Srhoj being sent on the pitch during the match, substituting Rusic, Torje and Bucur.

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